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Staff Sergeant Kevin Grewe

Staff Sergeant Kevin Grewe is a 1775 Society member (an honorary recognition for those who have designated a gift from their estate to the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation), but the foundation of his deep respect for the Marine Corps was laid many years before that.

Kevin watched Marines on TV as a young boy and admired how they performed as one unit. When he enlisted at age 17, he found the support and camaraderie he sought and that stuck with Kevin to this day. Like all Marines, he doesn't consider himself a former Marine, but rather always a Marine, and acts with the best intention of the Marine Corps in mind.

Kevin designated part of his estate to the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, saying, "I just want to help keep the legacy of all Marines alive at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. I want to keep the education programs going so that young people are inspired by the roles Marines played in the history of our Nation."

Are you like Kevin? If you have already named the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation in your will or other plans and have yet to notify the Foundation—or if you're thinking about making a gift—you can use the link on the right to fill out a confidential form. "It was very easy," said Kevin, "and now I know that my wish will be honored."

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